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Top 10 Best Scholarship Programs For International Students

Top 10 Best Scholarship Programs For International Students

Top 10 Best Scholarship Programs For International Students

Studying abroad is a dream for most of us, but unfortunately, not all of us can afford the fees, accommodation, and other expenses that come with studying abroad.

The good news is that with scholarship programs, one can find a way to meet the expenses of studying in some of the best destinations and also enjoy a chance at a bright future at home or abroad.

And this is only possible if you have a good profile and come under the eligibility criteria that each of these universities expects from you.

However, if you are clueless and if you want to know the different kinds of scholarship programs offered as a student who dreams of studying abroad, here is an article to help you identify the top 10 best scholarship programs for international students looking to study abroad.

1. Fulbright Scholarships USA

Fulbright offers scholarships to over 4000 students from over 155 countries around the world, their scholarships are fully government based and eligible for all kinds of graduates, from professionals, artists, and teachers. That’s why Fulbrights is one of the most popular forms of scholarship programs among young students who look forward to pursuing their studies in the United States.

However, the scholarships here are offered only to selected students based on their merit list.

2. Knight Hennessy Scholars Program At Stanford University

Students coming to pursue their higher studies here can expect a diverse community of multidisciplinary leaders emerging from different parts of the world and benefit from all the exposure that they receive. This way, students get all the guidance that they need to grow in an environment that is innovative, working and collaborating with leaders from different backgrounds to receive all the inputs that they need.

This is one place where students can come to prepare themselves for the many complex challenges that they will later need to face in big organizations and in real life.

3. Yale University Scholarship

Yale university scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for students seeking to pursue their undergraduate studies in the United State. This makes the Yale University scholarship one of the best need-based grants for undergraduate students looking for an opportunity towards higher studies in the United States.

Here, students receive financial aid provided through an award letter. The scholarship can vary for different individuals. These scholarships can start from $50,000 and can even go up to $70,000 / year.

4. Bill Gates Scholarships

This is not a name unfamiliar to most of us, is it? This is a program aimed at helping students from low-income households with dreams of pursuing further studies abroad and helping them reach their maximum potential.

Yes, Bill Gates Scholarship is one of the most highly selected scholarships among students seeking an opportunity for higher studies in the US. However, the scholarship is awarded to selected students who show exceptional behavior by way of performance and leadership. The scholarship will cover the complete cost of a student’s attendance at the university.

5. Harvard University Scholarship

We all know that an MBA from Harvard University is a dream for all of us. It is one of the leading business programs in the world that offer a lot of ambitious business students the dream of being a part of. However, not many know about the Boustany MBA Harvard  Scholarship, granted once in two years to students seeking a scholarship.

Selected students here can enjoy a two-year course at the Harvard Business School, receiving financial aid that covers up to 75% of their tuition fees. The scholarship also covers a student’s travel and accommodation when they are in the university.

However, students here are expected to have an excellent academic background in order to receive an offer for this program.

6. Stanford University Scholarships

Stanford provides an amount of $90,000 to anyone seeking a scholarship here. Students here, too, are selected according to their academic performance, where every application is carefully and thoroughly reviewed for signs of excellence and intellectual vitality that candidates are expected to possess.

Once selected, the scholarship will provide for the complete financial need of the students. Those with family income below $150000 will even have their tuition fees covered along with their accommodation.

7. The University Of Memphis Scholarships

This is a university that is ranked among one of the world’s top universities, which gives a good amount in the form of scholarships to look forward to when selected. Students receiving scholarships here will benefit from all the exposure they receive from cutting-edge programs, world-renowned faculty, and a peer group that includes some of the best and brightest students in the field.

However, students here are selected based on their competitiveness. In other words, the scholarship is based on one’s merit, taking into account a student’s level of achievement and academic success.

8. Clark Global Scholarship Program

What’s special about Clark Global Scholarship Program is that once accepted, students will later be given a chance to avail of further scholarships from local, statewide, and even nationwide scholarships.

Here too, scholarships are given according to an individual’s academic performance. Apart from this, students are required to cover a significant percentage of the total fee in order to be eligible for this scholarship program.

9. Treasure Scholarship Of Boise State University

Here students get a scholarship worth $17,337 for each academic year. Athletic scholarships are also available here, where athletes are recruited on the basis of the athletic department.

However, students to be accepted here must be students seeking an undergraduate degree for the first time with a GPA of 3.0. Confirmed students will then be notified through an email with the amount posted to their My Boise State account.

10. Boston University Presidential Scholarship

What is special about this university is that it creates a custom package to suit every eligible student’s unique financial need. Apart from this, students are also provided with expanded financial aid packages.

However, students seeking this scholarship are expected to display exceptional performance in their academics, along with excellence that goes beyond the classroom.

Final Words

And with that, we come to the end of our list of the top 10 best scholarship programs for international students. You can now make your pick from among these ten to choose the one you think best suits you.

Your dream to study in the US has finally come true. We wish you all the best, and may you make the most of the bright future that lies ahead of you.

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